New Bathrooms all Finished

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New Bathrooms all Finished

I received a call from Craig and Samantha requiring a price to refurbish the main and en-suite bathrooms, I already knew them as I’d supplied and installed Samantha’s parents kitchen and bathroom a number of years ago.

Well there was quite a bit to do, stud walls moving and replacing, electrical work, quite a lot of plumbing and plastering oh and of course tiling.

The first picture is the main bathroom and the second the en-suite,

All finished with two very happy customers



Middleton Tyas En-suite Bathroom








I also received this thank you card off them with a lovely tip inside

Thank you card











Craig & Sam were one of the nicest couples I’ve had the pleasure to meet, in all the years I’ve been refurbishing homes they really did go out of their way to make me welcome.